Komatsu loader/tool carriers sport improved engines, cabs

The Tier 2 engines in Komatsu’s new WA250-5 wheel loader and WA250PT-5 tool carrier boost productivity while reducing emissions and decreasing fuel consumption by more than 15 percent. The new machines also incorporate what the company calls advanced technology hydrostatic transmissions that allocate only as much power as needed for a given application, making the WA250-5 and WA250PT-5 efficient and quick to respond. Redesigned cabs have 5 percent more room for your operators and viscous damping mounts to minimize noise and vibration. Cab pressurization keeps out dust and cuts noise levels to 70 decibels. A low-effort, multi-function mono lever with a forward-neutral-reverse switch provides smooth and easy directional changes. A swing-out radiator fan, gull-wing engine access doors and 500-hour oil and service intervals reduce the time and money spent on routine service.