Enerpac Cube Jacks Lift the Cab for Excavator Undercarriage Maintenance

Enerpac cube jacks lifting an excavator

Enerpac, which specializes in hydraulic industrial tools, has expanded its line of lifting systems to include excavators.

The SC-Series Cube Jacks can lift and hold the entire cab, boom and arm of the excavator, allowing the undercarriage to be removed for maintenance. The company says until now the process would have required at least two service engineers jacking up the body and holding it on wooden cribbing.

The two pairs of cube jacks can support up to 25 tons per jack to a height of 6.5 feet. Two of the cube jacks are positioned under a lifting beam at the rear of the excavator, while the other two are placed under the arms bucket lugs. The jacks synchronously lift or lower the excavator’s body and arm using two hydraulic pumps.

The system is based on Enerpac’s SCJ-Series lifts, which have been successfully used in various industrial lifting applications. It also features a lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks to provide “high-capacity and stabilized lifting,” the company says.

Lloyds, a third-party inspection agency, witness tested the SC-Series Cube Jacks to 125% of the maximum working load. Instead of being held by hydraulic pressure, the self-locking system supports the load as each cribbing block is manually added or removed. Once the mechanical lock engages, the lift cylinder retracts, and another cribbing block can be added or removed.

“The excavator lifting system has been developed in collaboration with a leading excavator maintenance company looking for a safer CE-certified approach to removing the undercarriage. It automatically self-locks so that engineers can work safely under the raised cab without the need for secondary jack stands,” said an Enerpac spokesperson. “It has been well received, especially for its safety, secure load holding, precision lifting and lowering, and quick and easy set-up, which make it attractive to users and customers alike.”            

Enerpac cube jacks positioned on the excavator arm lugsEnerpac