Dynapac updates website

Dynapac updated its website to include more product and service information grouped with each machine model.

The update allows visitors to navigate to the product section of the web site and select a specific product, where tabs directly under the product image provide the user with one-source technical data, operation and maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogs, service and repair kits and the recommended fluid levels.

The update is intended to expand use of the website to allow initial selection of products, service and maintenance and later resale as a used machine. The Used Equipment site link found on the homepage allows visitors to sell used machines.

New features include a Knowledge Center tab that provides end-user support for both soil and asphalt compaction, which describes CompBase for soil applications and PaveComp for asphalt paving and compaction; links to operation training for asphalt rollers and pavers, which includes self-guided courses in the Fundamentals of Asphalt Compaction and Pavers Operation; and a Dealer Portal, which allows dealers to order parts, obtain technical documentation, brochures and pictures from the photo archive and access a promotional items shop.