Perform maintenance tasks in any terrain
AUSA’s T204H Taurulift has a weight-to-elevation capacity of 4,400 pounds to 13 feet 9 inches, an ergonomic, user-friendly joystick control and a tilting cabin. Compact size, permanent 4-by-4 traction and three modes of directional control (front wheels only, crab and four wheels) provide the T204H with not only a tight turning radius, but also the maneuverability to work in all types of terrain.

Confined spaces not a problem for compact tractors
Fit into tight spots not accessible by larger tractors with Kioti Tractor’s CK27 compact tractors. Both the CK27 and CK27 HST offer a telescopic 3-point hitch, joystick loader control, foldable ROPS, tilt steering, wet disc brakes, hydraulic steering and rear PTO. The CK27 features a manual-synchro shuttle transmission and eight forward and eight reverse speeds. The CK27 HST has a 28-horsepower, Tier 3 Daedong diesel engine and comes equipped with a hydrostatic transmission. Options include industrial or turf tires, single or dual remote hydraulic valves, rear and front weights, a sunshade and a mid PTO.

Compact vacuum excavator offers capabilities similar to larger systems
Ditch Witch’s FX20 portable vacuum excavator fits into tight spaces for municipal projects, such as cleaning out valve boxes, commercial and residential debris clean up, landscaping, exposing utility lines, posthole digging and other small, short-run projects. Although small in stature, the skid-mounted FX20 provides 540 cfm vacuum power – the same amount as the larger Ditch Witch FX30. A 27-horsepower Kohler gas engine powers the unit and a 150-gallon spoils tank mounts permanently at a 45-degree angle to make dumping quick and easy.

Breaker’s variable speed technology senses material hardness
With an operating pressure of 2,394 psi, Tramac’s V1800 heavy-range hydraulic breaker delivers a flow range of 37 to 58 gpm to blast through tough materials. The V1800 has an operating weight of 3,913 pounds and fits carriers from 44,100 to 77,200 pounds. Rated at an impact energy class of 6,000 foot-pounds, the breaker impacts at a frequency range of 310 to 500 blows per minute. As with all Tramac heavy-range breakers, the V1800 reduces the transfer of potentially damaging energy back to the carrier with variable speed technology. This technology senses changes in material hardness and adjusts the impact energy and striking rate to suit the material’s density.

Chipper rotates to distribute material away from operator
Small enough to fit through a standard size 36-inch gate, U.S. Praxis’ Wood Chipper takes on large 6-inch tree limbs and disperses material through a 180-degree rotating exit shoot. The 24-inch flywheel with two double-edged, 8-inch blades does not engage unless the chipper’s top cover is closed. Features include a 24-horsepower Honda V-Twin engine, an integrated 6-gallon steel gas tank, a heavy-duty commercial centrifugal clutch and a cutter block and chopper that won’t jam. Also standard are 12-inch DOT-rated tires and a 2-inch hitch.

Leveling scraper available in two sizes for high speed grading
Double D Manufacturing’s Tuff-Boy Series hydraulically controlled leveling scrapers come in 5- and 6-foot-wide models, and are equipped with 3/8-inch-thick steel plate moldboards and side plates for strength. Standard features include a removable scarifier, cast steel adjustable front hitch and large rear flotation tires. Designed for smaller tractors ranging from 20 to 60 horsepower, the Tuff-Boy allows high speed earth grading that can be easily controlled.

Fold-down dump trailers solve both flatbed and dumping needs
Bri-Mar’s DT610-DP and DT712-DP deckover dump trailers with 20-inch hinged, fold-down sides permit loading palletized material quickly with the entire dump-to-trailer transformation taking only 30 seconds. Loads receive support from a 6-inch tubular mainframe, 3-inch channel cross members and a 12-gauge steel bed. The DT610-DP 6-foot-by-10-foot bed comes in a 7,000- or 10,000-pound GVWR, while the DT712-DP 7-foot-by-12-foot bed comes in a 10,000- or 12,000-pound GVWR. Positioning the wheels underneath the deck on both models provides greater maneuverability in confined areas, and a 33-inch deck height enables dumped loads to clear the deck more effectively.

Portable heater produces heat safely, without flame
MagTec’s XE 500 hydronic heater uses magnetic technology to create heat without flame or friction for concrete curing, ground thawing, heating and drying applications. The heater’s co-generation system captures heat from exhaust heat exchangers, water-to-water exchangers and from the engine itself. A Tier 2 diesel engine powers the XE 500 and a 270-gallon on-board tank provides more than 80 hours of continuous run time. To operate, simply turn the key, set the throttle and push the start button. Direct-drive, 70-psi centrifugal pumps produce at least 3 gpm for every 1,000 feet, and a standard 5-kilowatt generator acts as an additional power source.

Experience heavy-duty grinder performance in a midsize package
Available on wheels or tracks, Diamond Z Manufacturing’s DZH4000 horizontal grinder provides transportability with on-site mobility. An aggressive down-cut hammermill with a large mill box opening handles most materials with ease. Combined with a 765-horsepower C18 Cat engine, the DZH4000 delivers a production rate of up to 112 tons per hour.

GPS ensures suitable routes for truck travel
TeleType’s Commercial Truck WorldNav Portable GPS offers truck routing navigation solutions by addressing low bridge clearances as well as other restrictions, such as hazmat hauling and weight limits. Available in 3.5- or 7-inch diagonal screen size, this touch screen GPS comes with U.S. and Canada maps pre-installed and updates easily through a secure digital card. Voice directions pronounce street names in English, Spanish or French. Accessories are included for powering, re-charging and mounting the system.

Self-dumping bins allow faster, safer clean-up
Cherokee Erecting’s self-dumping bins come in 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-yard models with sloped sides for speedy unloading. Once a loaded self-dumping bin lowers into a construction site dumpster, the crane operator cables down, allowing the lifting arm to lay back. When the arm reaches the back of the bin, a dog bone swivels to lock the arm in place. The crane operator can then cable up to dump the debris, and when finished, carry the bin away vertically to the next location. When it’s lowered to the ground, the slope on front automatically lays the bin into the correct position so it can be removed from the hoisting mechanism.