Telehandler picks and carries pipe up to 24 inches in diameter
Skyjack’s Zoom Boom 12032 telehandler has a capacity of 12,000 pounds and a lift height of 32 feet. Designed specifically for pipe handling, pole yards, public utilities and precast plant operations, this pick-and-carry unit features a Cummins QSB4.5C turbocharged diesel engine, Dana three-speed transmission, Dana 213 axles and a 10,000-pound pipe grappler. The ZB12032’s grappler attachment can handle pipe from 4 to 24 inches in diameter.

Compact excavator eliminates rear overhang, enhances stability
Mustang Manufacturing’s 2803ZT zero-tail-swing compact excavator eliminates rear overhang and enhances stability with a longer undercarriage. The compact design on the 2803ZT still delivers a spacious cab that is low in height, making low clearance entries simple. The excavator features a side-mounted engine and rear-mounted hydraulic and fuel tanks, which provide easy maintenance access.

Hammer attachment drives steel or wood posts, breaks up concrete
Drive up to a 14-foot-tall wood or steel post, or a 3- to 8-inch-diameter wood or steel post, using Danuser Industrial Group’s Postmaster/Slab Blaster. With a hammer weight of 275 pounds, the Postmaster can drive up to 60 posts an hour. Additional hammer weight can be added for a total of 700 pounds. The Slab Blaster hammer weighs 400 pounds and breaks up to 9-inch-thick concrete with reinforcement. Like the Postmaster, the Slab Blaster hammer will accept extra weight up to 700 pounds. For hydraulic requirements, the Postmaster calls for at least 12 gpm and 2,000 psi. Users can pick the post up from the ground with the grapple option, which requires no additional hydraulics or controls, or use the tilt option to tilt up to 19 degrees in each direction.

Site prep tractors available with winch option
Prentice’s 190-horsepower 2664 site preparation tractor now offers a factory-installed or field-installed winch option to assist in self-recovery. With in-cab controls, the two-speed winch has a 20,000-pound capacity and can be powered by operators in and out of the cab. All Prentice site preparation tractors, including the 220-horsepower 2764 and the 260-horsepower 2864, are available with the winch option to aid in land clearing jobs.

Locating system operates for more than 60 hours
Detect metallic or ferrous objects such as marker stakes, manhole covers, valve boxes and cast iron pipe around excavation and horizontal directional drilling jobsites with Ditch Witch’s 720ML electronic locating system. The 720ML has only two controls, which are located at the base of the display housing, so it can be operated with one hand. Its easy-to-read digital bar graph displays signal strength and polarity to help pinpoint the target and provides the operator with a choice of two audio modes. Four sensitivity settings allow you to customize the system to suit soil conditions. Two 9-volt lithium batteries power the unit for more than 60 hours of use.

Shears offer blade system with 180-degree reversible tip
Cut light structural steel such as I beams, H beams, pipe and rebar with Stanley LaBounty’s BLS 2000 and BLS 3000 bucket linkage shears. The shears feature the Saber Series blade system with 180-degree reversible Saber tip and a lower cross blade. Tapped cutting blades allow the shear blades to be easily removed and more bolt-on components significantly reduce time needed for maintenance. The BLS 2000 fits machines in the 18- to 29-metric-ton class, while the BLS 3000 suits machines in the 29- to 38-metric-ton class. The shears do not require additional hydraulics to operate, using an excavator’s existing bucket cylinder and linkage.

Site software effectively guides and stores construction layout tasks
Topcon’s Pocket Layout provides users with construction site software to guide them through staking, topography and grade control tasks. The user can input blueprint dimensions, either manually or electronically, for use in the field later. Re-establishment of lost or moved stakes can be made easily. Compatible with Topcon’s FC-200 series field controllers, Pocket Layout interfaces with any Topcon total station. Its simple coordinate geometry, layout, tape dimension and reference line functions store and use multiple layouts, supporting robots and traditional total stations.

Welder includes multi-voltage plugs and carrying case for portability
Miller Electric Manufacturing’s Multi-Voltage Plugs for its Maxstar 150 TIG/Stick welder enables the unit to connect to 115- and 230-volt receptacles. A durable polypropylene Miller X-Case protects the Maxstar 150 and its accessories during transport and storage. Miller offers the Maxstar 150 in three models – S (Stick-only), STL (Stick/TIG Lift-Arc start) and STH (Stick/TIG high frequency and Lift-Arc start). The STL and STH models include a redesigned robust six-pin receptacle for use with a foot pedal or remote control switch. The Maxstar 150 comes standard with two MVP plugs – 115 volt, 15 A and 230 volt, 50 A. End users simply choose the MVP plug that fits the receptacle and connect it to the power cord. No tools necessary.

Tire pressure management system transmits alerts in real-time
Trailer managers can access information on trailer location, low tire pressure, temperature, fuel levels, reefer failure, engine diagnostics and rapid fuel consumption with Advantage PressurePro’s real-time tire pressure management system. No tools are necessary to install the PressurePro system. A wireless tire air pressure sensor simply screws onto the valve stem replacing the dust cap and a monitor plugs into the vehicle lighter accessory. The monitor identifies low tire position with an audible alarm and flashing light highlighting the location. The system can also send managers automated alerts in the form of e-mails and text messages.

Auxiliary cooling solution keeps hydraulic system continuously cool
Engineered Machine Products’ heavy-duty air to oil hydraulic oil cooler acts as an auxiliary cooling solution for off highway applications in the construction, agriculture, forestry and military markets. Available in a one- or two-fan option, this fully customizable modular system includes an 11-inch electric fan with a robust brushless motor for long life, a 12- or 24-volt direct current and up to 100,000 BTUs for improved heat rejection. Built-in bypass valves are available.

Soil reinforcement geogrid comes in 18-foot-wide rolls
Measuring 18 feet in width by 600 feet in length, each Strata Systems’ StrataGrid panel unfurls to cover 1,200 square yards of subsoil. Compared to geogrids manufactured in standard 12-, 6- and 4-foot widths, StrataGrid’s wider coverage translates into less individual rolls for installers to handle per job and fewer seams to be spliced between adjacent panels. Unlike other geogrid materials, StrataGrid needs only a simple overlap connection between end rolls. The panels unroll flat, retaining virtually no materials’ memory and maintain uniform contact with subgrade contours, making it easier to install in cold weather.