Product Focus: Chippers, grinders and shredders

Process everything in your path with KwikAX
Reduce vegetation to ground level with Loftness Attachments’ KwikAX, which combines the fixed sharpened blades of the Timber Ax with the body design and forward rotation of the G2 carbide cutter. The Timber Ax rotates up, picking up material to be processed into a consistent particle size while the KwikAX rotates down, delivering an aggressive feed rate for high production applications. Choose from 53-, 63-, 73- and 83-inch cutting widths.

Grind entire tree with industrial unit
Grind stumps, branches, green waste or an entire tree with DuraTech Industries’ Model 9564 industrial horizontal grinder. The 9564 has a 40-by-60 1/2-inch feed opening, a 40-degree oscillating unloading conveyor and a 315-cubic-foot hopper capacity. A Caterpillar C27 950-horsepower diesel engine powers the grinder, which features an enclosed engine compartment to produce a low decibel reading. A 64-inch, 12,100-pound hammermill has 24 hammers with a 51-inch tip swing, eight 3 /-inch-diameter hammer rods and 1 1/2-inch-thick rotor plates.

Compact Beast delivers big machine performance
Handle brush, limbs and tree waste with Bandit Industries’ Model 1680 Sharptooth Beast recycler. The compact grinder has a 52-by-24 infeed opening, 26 cutter bodies with teeth and a choice of engine options up to 275 horsepower. Weighing in under 20,000 pounds, the Sharptooth rides on two 10,000-pound Torflex axles to ensure easy transport.

Grinder’s chip curtains contain flying debris
Contain 90 percent of flying debris with the Predator stump grinder from Ryan’s Equipment, which has optional chip curtains that fold in and are removable for transport. Designed for skid steers, the Predator has less hydraulics, features a heavy duty backfill blade and can use various styles of teeth. An optional oil cooler reduces hydraulic oil temperatures, extending the life of both skid steer and grinder.

Make site prep easy with track carrier/mulcher combination
Pair Fecon’s FTX148L track carrier with the Bull Hog mulcher for right-of-way clearing, site prep and vegetation management applications. Only slightly larger than a skid steer, the track carrier offers the advantage of loader arms for more reach, plus the versatility to run attachments such as tree shears, grapples or stump grinders. The FTX148L has a Caterpillar C4.4 engine and comes equipped with Fecon’s Power Management microcontroller that directs all power to the mulcher.

Tackle variety of jobs with mid-size grinder
Easily handle most materials with Diamond Z Manufacturing’s DZH4000 mid-size horizontal grinder, which has a down-cut hammermill with a large mill box opening. Powered by a Caterpillar C18 765-horsepower engine, the DZH4000 delivers a production rate of up to 112 tons per hour. The grinder is available on wheels or tracks for easy transport and mobility.

Chipper’s smart features boost productivity
Work all day without stopping to refuel with Rayco’s RC 16.5 drum-style brush chipper, which features a 50-gallon fuel capacity and Fuel Saver Technology, which decelerates the 140-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine if the feed control bar remains in neutral for 60 seconds. A hydraulic clutch that engages at the push of a button and never needs to be adjusted reduces clutch maintenance, while a top feed wheel powered by a planetary drive motor provides torque while eliminating problems associated with couplers.

CBI’s most powerful portable grinder handles large volumes
Process full-length logs, brush, stumps, telephone poles and railroad ties with Continental Biomass Industries’ Magnum Force 8000 horizontal grinder, which features a wide discharge conveyor for high volume throughput. The 1,200-horsepower Magnum Force has a clamshell hogbox that opens in seconds at the push of a button for access to the rotor and quick-change screens. CBI’s Replace-a-Face system enables simple and inexpensive hammer replacement.

Eliminate diesel fuel costs with electric grinder
Avoid fuel costs with the 800-horsepower HogZilla TC-1564SE electric powered grinder from CW Mill Equipment, which features a 46-inch-diameter 12-pin hammermill with an 8 3/4-inch main shaft. The stationary unit mounts onto a foundation and comes equipped with a 1/2-inch-thick, 15-foot steel tub. The tub floor is 3/4-inch-thick abrasion resistant steel. The grinder also has a 72-inch-wide belly conveyor.

Grind and chip with excavator mounted head
Cut and chip any size tree and grind stumps with ProGrind Systems’ excavator mounted grinding head. The 50-inch-wide, 29-inch-diameter head uses a 440-horsepower Caterpillar C13 engine rear mounted power pack, which features easily accessible service points. Designed for a variety of jobsites, the grinding head handles everything from small brush to large hardwood trees.

Mobile grinder has combination of heavy duty features, new technology
Simplify mobile wood waste processing jobs with Morbark’s 1300B track tub grinder. The 1300B features heavy duty construction including a Caterpillar 330L undercarriage, hydraulic augers and a laser cut hammermill. The 1300B also comes equipped with Iqan system technology, and the grinder can be customized with a variety of optional features.

Customize grinder’s grate configurations
Produce material to exact specifications with Peterson’s 2710C horizontal grinder, which features the Impact Release system that can be set in detent mode for consistent product sizing or floating anvil mode for primary reduction. The quick-change multiple grate system enables customized grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials. Powered by a 475-horsepower Caterpillar C13 engine, the 2710C has a 60 3/4-by-32-inch feed opening. Peterson’s Impact Cushion System allows the compression roll/anvil housing pivot shaft to move, cushioning impacts created by contaminants in the feed material.

Efficient design produces finer end product
Mulch standing material up to 8 inches in diameter with FAE’s UML/EX excavator mulcher, which is compatible with most newer excavators. Choose from 48- or 57-inch working widths with the mulcher, which features an efficient rotor and tooth design. The UML/EX also has a double carbide tip, delivering a finer end product.

Easily move around jobsites with self propelled grinder
Maneuver around jobsites without support equipment with Vermeer’s HG4000TX self-propelled horizontal grinder, which has a 440-horsepower diesel engine. The grinder’s duplex drum has eight hammers and 16 cutters, top loading screens for easy access and a removable anvil for convenient maintenance. Vermeer’s SmartGrind feature stops and reverses material from feeding into the hammer mill when engine rpm drops below efficient operating range. A multi-function wireless remote control can operate most functions on the grinder from 300 feet.