Product Report: Unbreakable

Allied Construction Product’s four-model in-Series dodges typical hammer problems with a number of features:

  • The hammer has a tool that’s impossible to break.
  • You never have to grease it.
  • There are no tie rods, tie bolts or side bolts – all of which are expensive to replace.
  • There’s no nitrogen gas checking or charging since the hammer does not use nitrogen gas to power the piston.

“A hammer tool usually breaks because the tool gets stuck,” says Al Springer, Allied’s national sales manager. “Then when the user tries to pry the hammer back and forth in an effort to loosen the tool, the tool breaks.”

The in-Series hammer tools’ trapezoidal design prevents the tool from getting stuck, eliminating this situation. The design allows concrete chips and dust to vibrate out away from the tool, letting you use the tool to pry without fear of breakage. The only time you have to replace the tool is when it’s worn out.

Allied compares the no-grease feature of the hammers to today’s sealed undercarriages on tracked machines – the hammer is sealed to keep lubricants in and contaminants out.

The three-piece construction of the hammer series – the hammer valve, cylinder and tool holder – eliminates all tie rods, tie bolts or side bolts, other potential maintenance hassles.

The hammers’ membrane-type accumulator eliminates the need for a nitrogen gas charger and takes care of another daily maintenance concern since there’s no need to check or charge the nitrogen. In addition, hydraulic ports can be easily changed between right- or left-hand side flow.

The hammers fit on a wide range of carriers, including compact excavators, mini skid steers, skid steers and backhoes. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices range from $4,950 to $8,750, depending on the size of hammer.