Product Report: ASV’s new compact rubber-track loaders

Compact rubber track loader manufacturer ASV kicked 2006 off by introducing its new-generation SR-70 and SR-80 compact rubber-track loaders. Both machines feature an ASV-exclusive independent and multi-suspension undercarriage, as well as a completely revamped interior.

“These are our ‘wish list’ machines,” says Brad Lemke, director of new product development. “We started from scratch as we designed these machines and the result is a huge leap forward using everything we’ve learned from our own research and feedback from our customers.”

Patent-pending undercarriage increases traction, ground clearance
At the heart of both the SR-70 and SR-80 is the new ISR-4 undercarriage. Under development for more than two years, the undercarriage features 2.84 pounds of ground pressure, 20-inch-wide tracks and 15 inches of ground clearance. Unlike conventional rigid steel tracks used on most compact rubber-track loaders, Lemke says the ISR-4 was built from the ground up to run on an independent, multi-level suspension track system with four wheel carriages on each side. “These carriages flex independently to maximize ground contact over uneven terrain,” Lemke explains. “It flexes in multiple directions simultaneously, which means it has the most track possible on the ground at any given time. This means the machine has more traction and sensitivity to the ground while delivering the smoothest ride possible.”

Working hand in hand with the ISR-4 undercarriage is a purpose-built chassis that gives the machines high ground clearance while minimizing loader length and bulk. The new chassis allowed ASV engineers to redesign the loaders’ cabs and introduce an automotive style operator’s station into the compact machine market. “We’ve got a suspension seat with a split lap bar containing a full gauge package for easy viewing,” Lemke notes. “It’s located in the line of sight down to the bucket and makes quick, accurate monitoring of machine systems easy. We’ve also added a new foot throttle and an optional slide-up door to ease entry and exit from the cab.”

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Tracks on the SR-80 are driven by two-speed drive motors, capable of travel speeds as high as 12.5 mph in the high-speed range and 7 mph in its low-speed range. The standard hydraulic system on the SR-80 provides 30 gpm to its high-circuit valve and includes a new variable flow control. The low-flow circuit delivers from 0 to 20 gpm and is controlled by a new thumb switch on the machine’s joystick control. “We optimized the hydraulic system layout inside the loaders,” Lemke adds. “We optimized both space and weight by using horseshoe-shaped hydraulic and fuel tanks. They still hold 21 and 18 gallons, respectively, and are still easily accessible for maintenance when the cab is tilted forward.”