Product Focus: Trailers

Choose your options with HydraTail line
Transport any type equipment with Ledwell’s HydraTail trailers, available in a tandem axle 35-ton load capacity or a tri-axle 50-ton load capacity. The HydraTail line features interior or perimeter beam construction. Ledwell can custom manufacture trailers in different configurations.

Trailer’s low break-over angle eliminates winching
Terex ‘s HFT 70RS has a low break-over angle that allows you to drive equipment onto the trailer instead of winching it. The main deck is 29 feet 5 inches long and 102 inches wide with a 9-foot gooseneck deck and a 10-foot extended hydraulic ramp. The trailer can lift and carry up to 30,000 pounds of equipment and has an overall net capacity of 70,000 pounds.

Increase payload capacity with Transcraft’s flatbed trailers
Transcraft’s standard duty flatbed models now have 12 percent more payload capacity, with a 73,000-pound GVWR. The company increased the capacity by 8,000 pounds by using higher strength materials, adding only minimal weight to the trailer.

Trailer’s design increases stability, reduces overall weight
XL Specialized’s Super Slider features a slide axle carriage system, eliminating the single two-stage cylinder. The design improves alignment between the main deck, frame and slide axle component. The Super Slider’s 17-degree angle makes loading and unloading easy.

JobStar Western Train features durable construction
Clement bridges the gap between heavy hoppers and lightweight trailers with the JobStar Western Train, a 40-foot, tri-axle, 20-cubic-yard capacity lead trailer and a 24-foot, 14-cubic-yard pup trailer. The JobStar Western Train features 3/16-inch sheet steel throughout the hopper and uses the long beams as an air tank for operation of the trailer.

Simplify one-person loading with elevating platform trailer
Eliminate slanted ramp boards and deliver equipment without double handling with Advance Metalworking’s Lift-A-Load elevating platform trailer. Available in single or dual axle models with capacities ranging from 4,400 to 15,000 pounds, the Lift-A-Load comes in straight tongue or gooseneck hitch.

Sliding axle trailer offers low load angle
Load equipment with low ground clearance with Trail King’s Advantage series sliding axle trailer. The sliding axle trailer can move forward 212 inches, creating a 6 1/2-degree load angle. A tapered tail portion design and hydraulic cylinders lifts the deck to a 15-degree angle.

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Customize trailer to your
needs with Specialized series Choose the appropriate trailer for your hauling needs with Rogers Bros.’ Specialized series, available in detachable and fixed gooseneck models. Rogers can work from their selection of already-built trailers or design the trailer from the ground up. Select from a variety of configurations in capacities from 25 to 150 tons.

Choose custom lengths and options on 20-ton pintle trailer
Kaufman’s 20-ton pintle flatbed trailer has a 14-inch I-beam pierced frame, a 25-foot overall deck length, 102-inch width, 25,000-pound dual speed drop foot jack and can be manufactured in custom lengths.

Carry greater capacity loads with trailer’s four I-beam construction
Pitts Trailers’ LB35-38 lowboy trailers have a 70,000-pound capacity and a 3-point suspension with 4-leaf 14,000-pound capacity springs. Sixteen-inch fabricated I beams make up the main frame, while the side rails are 14-inch I beams. The LB35-38 has a fixed, full width gooseneck.

Haul dirt, logs with Super Tri-Axle trailer
Sidump’r’s Super Tri-Axle 49-86 has a 36- or 38-foot one-piece rolled AR tub with no center divider. The trailer has a 42-degree dump angle and hauls anything from dirt to logs. The 49-86 features three stage, dual telescopic cylinder and Tuthill AR23 Air-Ride suspension.

Multi-purpose lowboy features several ride height adjustments
Globe Trailer’s Ultra Light lowboy has a four-position ride height adjustment on the gooseneck and seven-position height adjustment on the suspension. The Ultra Light features four-beam construction and T1 steel.

Accommodate range of small equipment with low profile trailer
Handle material or transport light equipment with Bri-Mar’s Low Profile Heavy-Duty Dump trailers, available in four models. The 81 1/2-inch-wide bed easily accommodates small backhoes, skid steers and mowers. The LP HD trailers have a 10,000- to 14,000-pound GVWR and trailer payloads ranging from 6,600 to 9,750 pounds.

Load all types of equipment easily with trailer’s low load angle
Designed with hard-to-load equipment in mind, Trail-Eze’s TE70XT trailer has a low load angle with no moving axles. Even at a low angle, the axles stay in the same location as Trail-Eze’s hydraulic tail trailer, enabling the operator to load small tire equipment easily.

Tiltbed trailer available in wide range of sizes
Load and unload equipment easily with TrailMax Trailers’ line of tiltbed trailers. The line features utility, tiltbed and beavertail trailers from 5,000 to 68,000 pounds GVWR.

2008 models to feature new wiring harnesss
Landoll’s traveling axle trailers, available in 20- to 50-ton capacities, will offer the Grote Ultra-Blue wiring harness as standard equipment on 2008 models. The models will also feature a standard centralized grease system to allow easy undercarriage maintenance.

Trailer’s deep belly design provides additional strength
Reinke offers all-aluminum flatbeds and combination drop decks with a deep belly design for additional strength. All Reinke trailers come standard with the 1 3/8-inch Apitong wood Super Floor and aluminum hat sections that run the full length of the trailer between each board.

Trailer features drop deck design for one-person loading
One person can load and unload equipment easily with Bil-Jax’s ET 7000 Escalate trailer, which features a drop deck design and a 6-degree ramp grade. The Escalate hauls up to 7,000 pounds and has a 75-by-144-inch bed size.

Low deck height makes loading trailer simple
Load equipment easily on Kalyn Siebert’s Commander Series hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers, which have a 20-inch deck height. Four-beam design with 130,000-psi steel construction allows maximum strength-to-weight ratio for the trailers, available in 51- and 55-ton capacities.

Versatile HG60-3 operates as 7- or 9-axle trailer
Aspen’s HG60-3 hydraulic gooseneck lowbed trailer operates as a 7- or 9-axle unit by adding a tandem axle jeep and single axle “sling shot” tag dolly. The 60-ton, tri-axle trailer offers durability and ease of maintenance.

Dump heavy loads in 30 seconds with EZ Dumper trailer
Haul your largest skid steers with EZ Dumper’s EZ 6812P Dump Trailer. The trailer has 12-gauge steel sides and a 10-gauge steel floor, and dumps heavy loads in under 30 seconds.

Enclosed trailer hauls variety of tools
Haul tools and equipment in Featherlite’s Model 1610, an enclosed trailer manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminum. The 6-foot 7-inch-wide 1610 comes in lengths from 8 to 18 feet.