Choose from more than 60 attachments for compact backhoe
Ramrod’s backhoe has 4,500 pounds of digging force and more than 60 quick-attach accessories to choose from.

  • Choose from three bucket sizes – 12-inch with 3-inch teeth, 18-inch with 4-inch teeth or 24-inch with 5-inch teeth
  • Standard features include joystick controls and adjustable seat cushions
  • Backhoe includes pivot stabilizers

Create clean cavities with horizontal earth drill attachment
Install utility lines and irrigation pipes without surface damage with McLaughlin’s horizontal earth drill attachment.

  • Attaches to skid-steer loader with quick-attach system
  • Produces clean, compacted cavities from 1 /-inch to 4 1/2-inch diameters
  • Use with Mighty Mole drilling tools

Auger digs clean hole with less debris
Use General Equipment’s Dig-R-Tach Series augers with skid-steer loaders, excavators, backhoes and knuckleboom cranes.

  • Two-speed chain/sprocket drive
  • Balanced flow volume in proportion to auger diameter creates clean hole with minimal debris
  • 5- to 20-gpm or 15- to 25-gpm hydraulic flow range

Five bucket sizes available for ASV track loader with backhoe
ASV’s RC-60 rubber track loader features a hydraulic, quick-attach backhoe for utility excavation or other construction work.

  • Backhoe digs to 8 feet
  • Five pin-on buckets available from 9 to 24 inches wide
  • Hydraulically-extendible outriggers included

Skid steer attachment digs trenches in variety of soil conditions
Ditch Witch’s trenching attachment digs trenches in a wide range of soil conditions.

  • Offset wide trencher digs to 4 inches deep and 12 inches wide
  • Dual augers and trench cleaner are available
  • Large selection of digging chains available

Perform variety of applications with auger attachment
Blue Diamond’s auger attachment fits skid steers, excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders and telehandlers.

  • Available in hex or round drive
  • Wide range of bits available for a variety of applications
  • Can run on as little as 6 gpm

Install lines easily with trencher attachment
Install utility, irrigation and sewer lines with Vermeer’s STR48 trencher attachment for compact utility loaders.

  • Discharge auger moves excavated material away
  • Features maximum digging depth of 48 inches and maximum width of 8 inches
  • Trencher attaches quickly to universal mounting plate

Tilt bucket attachment line has attachment for all size machines
Handle and release material easily with Amulet’s hydraulic tilt bucket.

  • 45-degree tilt each way, 90-degree tilt range
  • Size to fit 9,000- to 100,000-pound base machines
  • Twin heavy-duty, guarded, double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Lowe’s trenching attachment works with large skid steers
Add capability to large skid-steer loaders with Lowe’s XR-21 trenching

  • Operates with hydraulic flows between 13 and 25 gallons per minute
  • Available in 2- to 5-foot digging depths
  • Includes 50,000-pound digging chain, spoil auger and boom design with grease cylinder tensioning system

Dig foot-wide trenches with backfiller attachment for skid steers
Brown Bear’s backfiller line attaches to skid-steer loaders and features models used with standard or high flow hydraulics.

  • 7- or 8-foot widths with tilt and angle options
  • Backfills trenches up to 12 inches wide
  • Works parallel to the ditch line

Use excavator buckets for heavy- and severe-duty applications
AIM Attachments’ line of heavy-duty, severe-duty and ditch cleaning
excavator buckets fit 20,000- to 33,000-pound machines.

  • AR400 steel construction provides 30 percent more strength than T-1 steel
  • Features D-rings, horizontal and full-curve side wear straps

Clamshell buckets come in range of sizes
Handle dense material with Rotobec’s line of hydraulic clamshell buckets for excavators and telehandlers.

  • Standard series handles material with a density of up to 3,000 pounds per cubic yard; heavy-duty series rated for 4,500 pounds per cubic yard
  • Available in sizes from 1.5 to 6 cubic yards
  • Four cylinder design and high pressure cylinders ensure high closing force

Place material easily with Mud Bucket
Haul and place concrete or other flowable material with Loegering’s Mud Bucket, which quickly attaches to a skid steer or compact track loader.

  • Hauls a full yard of concrete or other material
  • Hydraulically-opened chute for effortless material placement
  • Optional extension/reduction chute for accurate placement into sonnet tubes

Extend your reach with Young attachments
Transform a standard excavator into a long reach digging machine with Young’s Super Long Reach Fronts.

  • Designed for light digging such as ditch, canal or levee maintenance
  • Clean out industrial waste pits and settling ponds or dredge silt from waterways
  • Available for most excavators

Dig deep with auger line
McMillen’s wide range of augers attach to skid-steer loaders, compact tractors, compact loaders, excavators, compact excavators, backhoes and telehandlers.

  • 5- to 60-gpm available
  • Comes in diameters up to 48 inches
  • Extensions available for deep digging

Skid steer bucket comes in three sizes
Dig footings quickly with FFC’s Mini-Hoe attachment for skid-steer loaders.

  • Digs to 5 foot 6 inches deep
  • 12-, 18- and 24-inch buckets available
  • 3-by-16-inch cylinder provides maximum breakout force

Make uniform cuts with Ground Hog
Pick up heavier payload with Ashland’s Ground Hog 2500, an attachment that uses the front caster wheels to take on extra weight instead of the track loader.

  • Ride on curbs and keep cuts uniform and straight with the 38-degree rotation front oscillating beam
  • Cut, carry, scrape and level
  • Make flat cuts on uneven ground

Heavy duty bucket digs in tough soil conditions
Dig in hard clay with rock with Werk-Brau’s high capacity, heavy duty excavator bucket.

  • T-1 steel used in critical or high wear components
  • A heavy reinforcing plate backs the cutting edge; horizontal AR400 abrasion-resistant wear straps protect the bottom
  • Can be equipped with any standard tooth configuration

Switch accessories in a snap with percussion bucket
PowerTech’s PicBucket 3000 Series performs demolition and excavation work using 8 1/2- and 16-ton excavators.

  • Switch specialized accessories with the turn of a key
  • 18-, 24- and 30-inch buckets available
  • Uses powerful hydraulic cells

Increase breakout forces and cycle times with scoop bucket system
Esco’s Scoop Bucket System uses a Multi-Pin Grabber coupler, which attaches the Scoop bucket directly to the excavator, increasing cycle times and breakout forces.

  • Scoop bucket profile loads fast and dumps clean
  • Esco Super V Tooth System comes standard
  • Available for machines in the 7- to 40-metric-ton class

Handle variety of materials with side dump bucket
Craig’s side dump bucket for wheel loaders has a rugged back frame and smooth cushion head dumping cylinder.

  • Comes with pin or quick coupler hookups
  • Heavy-duty solid steel hinges and locking device included
  • Available for light material applications

Tilting attachment provides total side-to-side swing capability
Give backhoes and excavators up to 90-degree left and right bucket swing for a full 180-degree swing capability with Helac’s PowerTilt hydraulic bucket tilting attachment.

  • Pin mounts to the dipperstick
  • Compact configuration with no exposed cylinder rods or external moving parts
  • Equipped with an internal cross-port relief valve that provides hydraulic overload protection

Deliver bedding material quickly with conveyor attachment
Control when, where and how much bedding material goes in the trench when bedding pipe with Felco’s bedding conveyors.

  • 3- to 8-cubic-yard hopper mounted on rear of conveyor
  • Delivers 1 cubic yard of bedding material every 7 to 10 seconds
  • Removes easily using quick disconnects on the hydraulic lines

Grade over rock and eliminate washboarding with grader-maintainer
Roadrunner’s Grader-Maintainer uses a 90- to 100-horsepower tractor, lowering operating costs and capital investment compared with a motor grader.

  • Angled dual blades eliminate washboarding
  • Adjustable skid bars ensure level grading
  • Grades over embedded rock

Company offers 24 drill models
Danuser Industrial Group has auger models ranging from 6 to 60 gallons per minute at 1,500 to 5,000 psi.

  • Torque ranges from 1,039 to 8,579 foot pounds
  • 2-inch hex or 2 9⁄16-inch round output spindle
  • Augers come in 2-inch round, 2 9⁄16-inch round and 2-inch hex with diameters ranging from 4 to 48 inches