New multi-jaw processing attachment offers three jaw sets
Genesis Attachments introduces the LXP 300 logix processor, for excavators weighing 70,000 pounds, with a choice of shear, concrete pulverizing and concrete cracking jaw sets.

  • Shear jaws can cut I-beams and structural steel
  • Concrete cracking jaw breaks out large sections for quick loading and removal
  • Pulverizing jaw reduces concrete to segments less than six inches

Demolition processor features single piercing tooth configuration
Lemac’s twin cylinder design single tooth processor concentrates its
crushing force on one intense point for optimum breakage.

  • Powered rotation uses a heavy-duty turntable bearing that allows processing on vertical, horizontal and angled structures
  • Processes concrete and some metals
  • Available for excavators from 16- to 18-metric tons operating weight

New high-performance, heavy-duty breaker fits excavators 75 tons and up
Indeco North America’s new HP 16000 breaker is their most powerful in the HP Series.
The HP 16000 has 2,050 psi pressure to breaker and 3,400 psi pressure from carrier.

  • Automatic variance on speed and power
  • Dual shock absorber systems
  • Slimline case design
  • Quiet breakers for noise sensitive applications

Series II hydraulic hammers feature simplicity and serviceability
The new Huskie Hydraulic Series II breakers have only two moving parts for easy maintenance and more uptime.

  • Models HH150-2 through HH1000-2 offer up to 50 percent more power, depending on the model
  • The long stroke piston design provides consistent power and minimum recoil
  • Front cap features replaceable tool bushings and a heavy-duty alloy tool retainer pin

Heavy-duty grapple bucket moves odd shaped debris
The Skid Steer Grapple Bucket HSG-Series, manufactured by Woods Equipment, moves heavy and irregular sized debris.

  • Dual grapples maximize loading
  • Pre-drilled front cutting edge accepts bolt-on reversible cutting edges
  • Hydraulic cylinder shield and enclosed hydraulic system prevents hose damage
  • Universal coupler system for easy mounting

Bucket handles rocks, concrete debris, tree stumps and bulky materials
The Silver Bullet Rock Bucket from MDS Attachments features tough, high carbon, abrasion-resistant solid steel tines.

  • Integrated rock dam helps contain material when it is picked up
  • Various tine spacing lets soil sift through while retaining debris
  • Optional quick-attach grapple fork available

One-piece box design hydraulic hammers for narrow trenches and close quarters
Terex TXH Series hydraulic hammers are compatible with Terex compact excavators and loader backhoes.

  • Range from 450 to 950 or 550 to 1,100 blows per minute
  • Hammers are vibra-silenced using a polymer suspension pad to reduce cooperation and machine wear
  • Guaranteed low-sound power levels
  • Single-point greasing system

Robot demolition crusher crushes up to 15 inches of concrete
The CC420 Crusher from Brokk attaches to their compact electric demolition robot.

  • Can snap rebar up to a 1-inch thick
  • Delivers up to 25 cubic yards a day
  • Remote-controlled electric system lets unit work on confined and hazardous jobsites

Compact design hydraulic hammers have only two moving parts
Arrowhead Rockdrill company offers its S Series hydraulic breakers.

  • Featuring a low maintenance, boltless mounting system
  • Sound and vibration reduction box design
  • Lower guaranteed sound power levels

Multi-tool single cracker/crusher jaw set with interchangeable teeth
Allied-Gator’s MT Series Multi-Tool MTR 90C uses bolt-on tooth segments and the 90-degree jaw opening enables the tool to demolish concrete piers, foundations and building corners.

  • Cracker teeth penetrate heavily reinforced concrete and can be used for cast processing operations
  • One bite from the crusher teeth de-rods and pulverizes concrete
  • For precision finish facing and edge work, finish teeth send a clean, flat and controlled crack through concrete

Heavy-duty excavator attachment crushes, digs and stockpiles
The Crush-All attachment from RR Equipment scoops up material, crushes and discharges it out the bottom in one application.

  • Eliminates the need for a crushing spread
  • Features an automatic dust suppression system
  • Can did trenches, crush and stock while it tracks
  • Tamp iron relief system lets uncrushable material to pass freely

Hydraulic hammers offer 494 foot pounds of energy
Allied AR Series’ newest model, the AR85, mounts on backhoes and excavators.

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  • Easy start with minimal down pressure for operation in any position
  • Bolt-on top mounting bracket to attach to an excavator’s quick coupler
  • Supply pressure dampened for smooth operation

Breaker’s cradle-style bracket has no bracket bolts to break
UB Equipment has 13 models in the 300 Series Breaker line.

  • Nitrogen gas assisted design
  • Replaceable tool bushing
  • Offers 350- to 10,000-foot pound impact energy ratings
  • Available for skid steers, compact excavators, backhoes and standard excavators

Boom-mounted recycling attachments for 6.5- to 50-ton carriers
Okada America offers ORC attachments for crushing and cutting rebar, and OSC crushers for sorting asphalt or concrete.

  • ORC and OSC attachments available in 14 sizes
  • ORC has 360-degree continuous free or hydraulic rotation
  • Non-rotating OSC has standard internal speed valve and oversized crushing cylinder

Tough one-piece breaker does not need side bolts
The John Deere Worksite Pro Hydraulic Breaker’s narrow shape works in tight quarters and crowded jobsites.

  • Features high power-to-weight ratios
  • Low-pressure, nitrogen-charged design cushions operator from recoil
  • Fits skid steers, compact track loaders and compact excavators

Hydraulic demolition attachment delivers 220 tons of cutting force at jaw tip
The CC 1700 hydraulic demolition attachment from Atlas Copco offers a maximum operating pressure of 5,1000 psi for use on 15- to 25-metric ton carriers.

  • New coupling and positioning system keeps jaws connected after they have been removed from excavator
  • Universal jaws open 29.5 inches for building and industrial demolition
  • Steel cutting jaws open 15.2 inches for steel structure demolition, secondary reduction and material separation

Heavy-duty demolition grapple for severe applications
Fleco’s HD Grapple is designed for jobs that require maximum clamping, prying and breakout forces.

  • Two-over-three tine design provides superior holding capability
  • Four-bold flanged hinge maintains grapple linkage for fast installation
  • Available in 36-, 42- and 48-inch sizes for excavators ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 pounds

Economical grip from Amulet
Amulet manufacturing offers the new StickGrip – a simple weld-on attachment that provides a positive grip profile on an excavator’s lower dipper stick.

  • Helps maneuver debris, boulders and scrap
  • For use instead of a standard thumb attachment

Hydraulic breaker attachment for skid-steer loaders adapts to direct pin or quick-attach couplers
The CAL-750 breaker from Construction Attachments demolishes concrete and rock, removes asphalt and does quarry and compaction work.

  • Breaker includes one point, one tool kit and one nitrogen gauge
  • Designed with few parts for quick maintenance
  • Longer piston stroke maximizes impact energy and keeps recoil to a minimum

Drop hammer’s skid steer system doesn’t transfer shock to the carrier
Cyclone’s Model SW3500 drop hammer mounts on a skid steer and gives 3,500 foot pounds of impact per blow.

  • No point to break or wear out
  • Does not require daily lubrication
  • Comes in three sizes