Hydraulic excavator hits the ground digging
The SK350LC Acera Mark 8 hydraulic excavator from Kobelco Construction delivers digging, leveling and lifting performance along with improved operator comfort and reliability. Powered by a 264-horsepower Hino engine, the excavator has an operating weight of 79,600 pounds, digs up to 24 feet, 10 inches deep and reaches 36 feet, 3 inches at ground line. A power boost switch provides 10 percent more power on command for increased bucket breakout force. The excavator also gives increased drawbar pull for grading and hill climbing under load. This model features the Independent Total Control System, which provides a smooth response from hydraulic controls for fine finishing and grading applications.

Strike off concrete with roller tube finisher
The Allen Roller Tube Finisher can also be used in many concrete paving and flooring applications. The device uses a spinning tube constructed of structural steel 6 inches in diameter with a rotation speed of up to 250 revolutions per minute. The spinning tube has a weight of 7 pounds per linear foot and needs only two operators. If more weight is needed, the tube can be filled with water. The Allen Roller Tube Finisher is powered by either an 85-cubic-centimeter, 2-cycle engine power unit or an 11-horsepower, 4.5-gallon-per-minute hydraulic power unit.

Vibratory plow adds features and retains durability
Ditch Witch’s 420sx vibratory plow borrows from the 410sx, but adds riding capability, a 40-horsepower engine, a dual-speed attachment drive and a fold-down ROPS, which enables it to maneuver under tree limbs, eaves and other low-hanging obstacles. The plow’s console moves when the machine’s frame articulates, so the controls are always in the same place in relation to the operator. Improvements to the plow’s design minimize the vibration transmitted to the station, so the operator can work longer with greater comfort. The unit’s skid shoes isolate vibration by keeping plow pins and other components off the ground, which also saves wear and tear on the machine and the turf.

Weather package won’t leave you out in the cold
Thompson Pump & Manufacturing’s Arctic Knight cold-weather package keeps a diesel-driven pump running in climates as cold as 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The system eliminates the problems associated with operating pumps in cold climates, including frozen liquids in the pump, cracked pump housings and engine start-up troubles. The Arctic Knight works via a self-contained, thermostat controlled heating system that operates from the on-board fuel supply to regulate and maintain the temperature inside the enclosure. To prevent liquids from freezing when the pump is off, an auto-drain feature drains the fluid inside the pump and piping system. Unlike conventional automatic drain valves, this system does not require external electrical power to operate. Automatic throttle control allows the engine to warm-up and cool-down, reducing engine wear.

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Crane combines strength and reach with service body compatibility
Auto Crane’s 14,005H telescoping crane comes standard with an FM remote and tethered pendant, full power extension to more than 30 feet, a two-speed rotation mechanism and a 60-foot per minute line speed. This combination of strength, reliability and reach creates a crane designed for a demanding work environment. In addition, the unit complements the Titan 70 crane service body. Together, they create a field service package available with 7 tons of lifting capacity.

Pump line covers most dewatering applications
ITT Flygt’s 2600 series dewatering pump line includes six models – the 2610, 2620, 2630, 2640, 2660, and 2670 – with output from 1.2 to 27 horsepower. The six pumps are designed to cover most dewatering applications, including those in construction sites, mines and quarries. The DuraSpin hydraulic system and newly designed impeller improves wear resistance and sustains performance over time. The wear-resistant closed impellers are made from high-chrome cast iron. The pumps are engineered to keep operations up and running even in the harshest environments. During a scheduled maintenance check, a moderately worn hydraulic end can be adjusted back to full performance.

Track loader scraper carries the load with less stress
In April, Ashland Earthmovers will release the 25SS Track Loader Scraper. The unit attaches to a compact track loader or large skid steer and will have the ability to move 2.5 cubic yards of material, while taking on most of the extra weight. Keeping the loader arms down and fully against the frame, the scraper uses an oscillating front beam with caster wheels and an auxiliary hydraulic remote. This helps carry the weight of the unit and reduces stress from the loader arm. The scraper weighs 2,900 pounds and can be used for backfilling around curbs and foundations or paving applications.

Stay connected with new line of couplings
Holmbury’s RoFLEX 5000 Series hydraulic couplings can be connected under pressure and used in a variety of applications where tools, implements and other hydraulic attachments have to be quickly disconnected without bleeding and refilling the hydraulic lines. The screw thread connections eliminate brinelling and the seals are readily accessible for easy replacement. The couplings come with caps and plugs to protect the thread and help prevent contamination.

Be a pro with new line of heavy-duty pickup tires
Goodyear’s Wrangler Pro-Grade tire line features SilentArmor technology for enhanced toughness and treadwear capability. Two high-tensile steel belts and a layer made with DuPont Kevlar help absorb road noise and provide a smooth ride. The tire also features an enhanced rim lock, offering a stable bead area to reduce rim slip for minimal balancing throughout the life of the tire and a rugged rim guard, which helps protect wheels from accidental curb damage. Pro-Grade expands the availability of SilentArmor – currently available in 33 sizes covering P-metric, LT-metric and high flotation applications for 15- to 18-inch rims – with 14 select LT sizes with load ranges D and E and rim diameters ranging from 16 to 20 inches. This lineup will add seven more sizes in 2007.

Aerial lift reaches new heights
Bronto Skylift’s Model S-101 HLA truck-mounted aerial device features a 331-foot working height, a maximum outreach of more than 108 feet and a working reach of 36 feet at ground level. The crane is for the alternative energy, utility and construction industries and is set for an early 2007 release. The maximum safe platform capacity will be 970 pounds. The model will have a transport height of 12 feet, transport length of 54 feet, and a transport width of 8 feet. The gross vehicle weight with chassis is 136,000 pounds.

Mast platform slated for 2007
Production of JLG’s Model 1230ES elevating mast platform begins in early spring 2007. The electric aerial work platform will have a 12-foot platform height, a 500-pound platform capacity and is designed for quickly lifting electricians or workers involved in maintenance and interior work. Operator features on the model include a fully proportional lift and drive using a single joystick, a removable control panel with the same layout as JLG’s Pro-Fit scissor lifts, a low 22-inch step-in height to the platform and a saloon-style swinging gate for easier entry and exit.

Grease gun speeds up lubrication without compromising output pressure
Lumax’s Pnueluber dual-piston, air-operated grease gun has a full automatic operation, which allows it to cycle continuously with high pressure delivery of 6,000 pounds per square inch, dispensing one tube of grease in less than a minute. The gun works with small, portable compressors and requires 40 to 60 pounds per square inch of air at 3.5 cubic feet per minute. The dual-piston gear motor provides constant torque, which enables you to speed up lubrication and control the volume of grease without compromising the output pressure. The unit includes a compact design for work in tight spaces, a well-balanced design that reduces stress on hand, arm, shoulder and back muscles, zero vibration, low operational noise, a valve design that eliminates trapped air and a soft, oil resistant grip for comfort and safer operation.