New Small Wheel Loader Options from Caterpillar Equip Machines for Waste, Industrial and Batch Plant Applications, and New Performance Series Buckets Boost Productivity in Production Work

Cat® small wheel loaders are now available with a number of new guarding options, a new cab filtration system, a reversing lighting package, and new remote breathers for drive train components. Also, new Performance Series Buckets for small wheel loaders mate with Cat Fusion Couplers and deliver productivity improvements of more than 5 percent due to the optimized shape of the buckets.

 The buckets and each of the new options are designed for some or all of the Cat small wheel loaders—924H, 924Hz, 928Hz and 930H. The new options deliver benefits in a wide variety of applications. Several of the options, however, were prompted by specific demands of solid waste, industrial and batch plant operations.

Guarding protects loader and operator

The new hitch guard package protects the articulation area and reduces the probability of material packing. The new heavy-duty rear guard enhances protection of the rear of the machine and complements current drive train guard options. The rear guard design provides access for radiator cleaning and other maintenance by swinging out of the way. In addition to the new rear guard, the current windshield guard has been modified to provide additional cover on the lower cab window panels.

Powered air filtration system increases operator comfort

Caterpillar now offers the option of a powered air precleaner system for the cab of each small wheel loader model. The RESPA system from Sy-Klone blows filtered air into the cab to create positive pressure, which helps keep contaminants and odors out and improves cab air quality for the machine operator. A platform on the left side of the loader provides easy access to the cleaner for periodic maintenance.

Reversing lights enhance visibility

A new, factory-installed reversing lights package illuminates the work area to the rear of the loader when the transmission is in reverse gear.  The well-guarded pair of halogen lights enhances visibility for the operator and others working nearby for safer operation in dimly lit areas.

Remote axle and transmission breathers raise fording depth

Wheel loaders can be immersed in water to the midpoint of the axle, which is common practice when cleaning wash pits at concrete batch plants. To help ensure that water and contaminants don’t enter the axle and transmission through their breathers, a remote breather option is available. The option raises the fording depth significantly and provides filtration for those key components. The option also includes a longer transmission fill tube to prevent total immersion.

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