Kubota debuts 211-hp V5009, its largest engine yet, alongside new generator
Tom Jackson | March 28, 2017

No longer a maker of engines for compact equipment, Kubota’s V5009 engine pulls 211 horsepower out of four cylinders and five-liters displacement.

Stage V is a European diesel exhaust emissions regulation that takes effect 2019-2020. And while the United States EPA is not planning to follow suit with any emissions beyond Tier 4 Final, the changes required by Stage V are small enough that most engine OEMs will sell the same “Stage V ready” engines here and in Europe.

Kubota used ConExpo 2017 to unveil its first Stage V ready engine above 100 horsepower, the four cylinder, five-liter V5009, which is rated at 211 horsepower. In that size class, the company says the engine will be well matched to larger equipment such as production excavators and wheel loaders. Previous engines from Kubota were geared towards compact equipment.

The company started with a clean sheet of paper for the design of the V5009. The block, in particular, has been designed with a small footprint for installation flexibility, but also with large channels for coolant circulation, which will help dissipate heat more rapidly. The company says the engine will be high power but fuel efficient. For aftertreatment the engine comes with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). A variety of power take off options will be available to power accessories.

Production of the V5009 will begin in 2020. It will be the first in a series of engines above the 100-horsepower mark in the OEM’s product offerings.

Kubota also announced a new generator for the power generation market. The GL14000 is part of the company’s LowboyPro lineup, fully enclosed and compact. It puts out 14 kVA, single phase at 60Hz and it powered by Kubota’s D902 diesel engine. The generator’s receptacle and terminal are combined in one package for more flexibility and versatility in use.

And for those of you who don’t like to stop work to change your oil, Kubota announced a 750- hour oil change interval for all its engines used in light towner applications with typical load and duty cycles.


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