How construction companies can leverage social media
Wayne Grayson | January 24, 2013

A new article from Construction Executive provides a great crash course in social media use for those in construction.

The article gives an introduction to each of the four major social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube — and gives a bit of advice on how to use them.

Because the expansion of your construction business is all about networking, social media can be a great help in doing so as the various channels are all about creating new connections, sustaining existing connections and sharing information with customers.

The article notes that LinkedIn is a great environment for sharing ideas and strategies with other businesses while YouTube is a great way to share the visual aspects of your business with customers and “industry influencers.” If you put the work in, a great video can go viral meaning a lot of free advertising. Facebook? Perfect for a bit of everything.

It also mentions the 40-40-20 rule for Twitter meaning, 40 percent information (articles and stats), 40 percent interaction and 20 percent promotion.

Be sure to check out the full article here.

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