Neb. county needs more gravel to repair roads after severe winter, spring flooding

Screen shot from KSNB Local 4 video.Screen shot from KSNB Local 4 video.

After extreme winter weather followed by heavy rains and flooding in Nebraska, the Hall County Roads Department is using 15 percent more gravel (37,000 tons) on its gravel roads in 2019 than in 2018, KSNB Local 4 reports. The Hall County board already added an additional nearly $23,000 to the $380,000 beginning gravel budget to fix areas that were damaged during flooding, but more is needed.

“Looks like we’re going to be short, because we’re going to tap into next year’s gravel, which we typically put down in Spring of 2020,” said Hall County Engineer Steve Riehle. according to the news agency. “We’ll be tapping into that in Fall 2019. This year is not an average year, and so we need to increase that [the budget]. We’ve increased it by almost $23,000 working with the board. We anticipate that increase is going to be almost three times that $23,000, or pushing $75,000 or $80,000 increase in gravel that we’ll need to get roads ready for winter 2020.”

There are approximately 340 miles of gravel roads in Hall County that have been designated as high priority. and those are the ones getting repairs.