Worker shot during robbery on home reno site near Chicago

Updated Jul 3, 2015

Another construction worker was gunned down on the job and in broad daylight during a home renovation near Chicago June 19.

According to a report from WLS TV, police are still searching for those responsible for shooting and killing 42-year-old Sergio Varela in the city’s South Holland suburb.

Police tell the station Varela and two other workers were doing electrical work for the vacant home when three men came to the site and asked for work. “When they were told no, they barged in,” the station reports.

Varela, who was working inside, was shot multiple times. He died at the scene.

Police aren’t sure what caused the suspects to open fire on Varela. There was apparently an exchange between Varela and the men, but it’s unclear what was said or if they took anything from him afterward.

It’s just the latest of many construction site shootings in the U.S. this year and the second in June. Earlier this month near Atlanta, a worker was shot after confronting two men who were drawing in wet concrete on a school site.