John Deere 410J Backhoe Loader

The John Deere 410J backhoe loader has the versatility to dig deep, load trucks, break surfaces, crane pipe and more. Powerful and quick high-pressure hydraulics deliver generous breakout and lift capacity at both ends, along with impressive backhoe crowd power and swing torque. With the tool carrier version, you get true parallel lift throughout the lift arc, making this 15-foot machine a master of material-handling tasks.


Built for More Productivity

  • Standard limited-slip mechanical front-wheel drive delivers 80 percent of available power to the wheel with the best traction

  • Tool carrier version with quick coupler boasts increased lift capability and best-in-class work-tool visibility ” plus set-and-forget parallel lift, return-to-carry, and boom height kick-out

  • Boom height kick-out sets maximum desired load height, while return-to-carry and return-to-dig predetermine the lowered boom and bucket position

  • Ride-control option smoothes roading over rough terrain, so full loads are more likely to arrive at their destination ” instead of somewhere in-between

  • Worksite Pro top-hook coupler allows quick and easy single-pin changes for 12-, 18-, and 24-inch heavy-duty buckets



Designed for Operator Comfort


  • Total Machine Control (TMC) option features industry exclusive in-the-armrestÂť joysticks for smooth fingertip control, exceptional fatigue-beating comfort and enhanced productivity

  •  Excavator-style hydraulics smoothly blend functions so operators won™t have to work hard to be more productive

  •  Choose from three hydraulic speeds: Fast for up to 20-percent quicker cycle times; Medium for normal digging; or Slow for craning objects, working in confined spaces or excavating around existing utilities

  •  Go from backhoe- to excavator-style controls at the push of a button
  •  Optional sound-suppression package reduces noise levels and operator fatigue

  •  Tilt steering wheel is infinitely adjustable and it angles up and out of the way for swiveling the seat or passing through the cab


Engineered for More Uptime


  •  Wet-sleeve liners provide uniform engine cooling and longer durability than cast-in-block designs

  •  Sealed front axle and larger kingpins and differentials help ensure drivetrain durability

  •  Unlike axles that rely on internal augers to direct oil to critical components, the 410J is designed to provide full-time, full-axle lubrication on any angle in any terrain

  •  500-hour engine and 2,000-hour hydraulic oil service intervals enable the 410J backhoe to work longer between changes

  •  On-board diagnostics and available fluid-sample ports help speed preventive maintenance and troubleshooting