Traverse Series

Traverse Specifications:

Transfer boom for precision placement

-70″ (1.78 m) horizontal boom travel

Maximum load-handling efficiency

-Single joystick control for all boom functions

-Rapid-response hydraulic system

-Auxiliary boom tip hydraulics

-Quick connect for attachments

Powerful yet compact for optimum maneuverability

-Four-wheel drive

-Two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering

Built strongest for the toughest loads and sites

-Two wide-stance, heavy-duty lift cylinders

-Automatic fork leveling without slave cylinders

-24° frame sway (12° left or right of center)

-Rear axle stabilization system

-13.00 x 24, 14-ply tires (T736, T744, T936, T944)

-14.00 x 24, 16-ply tires (T1157)

Peak performance in all conditions

-Cummins 110 hp, Tier III, turbo diesel engine with full electronic control and protection

-Fully modulated Carraro powershift transmission with four speeds forward and reverse with declutch

-Carraro outboard planetary axles

-Oil-immersed, Inboard disc service brakes and integral park brake

Greater operating comfort and safety

-Unmatched visibility from the cab

-Adjustable suspension seat with retractable seat belt

-Fully adjustable right-side arm rest

-Full set of gauges for instant machine status

Two-year, 2,000-hour warranty

-The best in the industry