5th Day of Construction Gifts: Ironclad Ranchworx Gloves

Updated Dec 10, 2013

Ironclad Ranchworx Gloves

They might be named after ranch work, but Ironclad’s Ranchworx gloves are tough enough to get the job done on the jobsite as well. The gloves are made from a double layer of Ironclad’s Bullwhip leather. And unlike some double-layered leather gloves we looked at, the Ranchworx doesn’t have seams right in the middle of the fingers thanks to the RollTop construction. The saddle and thumb area of these gloves are reinforced by Kevlar, the stuff bullet proof vests are made of, and they feature flexible finger impact protection. Plus, Ironclad says the gloves can be washed and they won’t wash out or shrink. You can pick them up on Amazon for $30.


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