No. 3: SwitchEasy FreeRunner

Front-ViewSwitchEasy is nowhere near as big a name among case makers as OtterBox, LifeProof or Speck. However, they’ve been making great cases for several years now. The thing with SwitchEasy cases is that they’re cheap, most cost $20, and they include screen protectors, screen cleaning cloths and port covers. SwitchEasy’s latest case, the FreeRunner, offers the most protection we’ve seen from the company and still at a low price. It features dual-layer protection in hard-plastic and rubber. And though we’re not crazy about the polka-dot pattern on back (the black model plays this down a bit) everything save for the mute switch on the iPhone is covered when inside this case. It even includes a home button cover. In addition to two of the flimsy sticker-type screen protectors, SwitchEasy also includes a hard plastic screen protector that actually snaps to the front of the phone. You can choose either one, but we liked the hard plastic as it provides more protection. You get all of that for $30. Hard to beat.


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