Montreal could run out of asphalt … and the Mafia is involved

In a bit of an odd-but-true story from Canada, there is a very good possibility that the City of Montreal could run out of asphalt, reports the Montreal Gazette.

The city has numerous potholes to fill but unless it is able to sign a $5.2 million contract with seven supply companies. So why the cold feet on behalf of the city? Some of the companies included in the contract were recently found to be guilty of various forms of corruption.

In fact, one of the companies, Construction Louisbourg, has even been linked to the Montreal Mafia though the company and its owner have denied the reports.

Despite the controversy, the city’s executive committee has recommended approving the contract.

“The issue seems simple — give a contract for providing asphalt,” Mayor Michael Applebaum told the Gazette. “But if we say yes, the public will criticize us. And if we say no, we can’t fill the potholes.”