Life in the fast lane

Once in a rare while I get the opportunity to drive something a lot more exciting than pickups. I’ve had the privilege of driving Vipers, Corvettes, import exotics and a few other rather quick sports cars over the years during manufacturer’s press events.

I’m sure it scares the daylights out of those in the passenger’s seat when the editor of a pickup magazine gets behind the wheel of fast cars–especially one of the fastest production road cars ever made: the Ferrari F430 F1.

Driving a Ferrari flat-out for seven laps at the Exotics Racing School at the Las Vegas Speedway complex a couple months ago (courtesy of Bridgestone Tire, thanks guys!)  is one experience I’ll never forget.

Below is a snippet of what it was like. If you want to see a few laps from my view, I’ll put a short video clip together and post it later.

BTW: We were hitting about 150mph in the long straight….

If you are an aficionado of really fast cars who wants the thrill of a lifetime, this is the best $275 you can spend in Vegas.–Bruce Smith/Editor, ProPickup

[youtube LS7iKVh0mb4 nolink][youtube XPD3GMDZNas nolink]