The best gets better – Introducing the new re-designed Trellex ABC 70 Pre-Cleaner

The Trellex ABC 70 is a patented Metso belt scraper already well known and appreciated for its effectiveness and long life. Now we’ve made it even better – adjusting the design and materials to increase wear life by 25%, improve its stability and performance, and make it even easier to install.

Best of all, we’ve made changes to our own production process -making the new and improved Trellex ABC 70 more easily available to hard working quarries worldwide.

The Trellex ABC 70 is fully compatible with other Trellex Pre-Cleaner such as ABC 90 and ABC 95, which means that no mechanical alterations are necessary if changing to a different blade type. 

ABC70.tiff: Thanks to the new design and materials, the new Trellex ABC 70 Pre-Cleaner has up to 25% longer wear life.