$20 million available for non-motorized transportation

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is seeking competitive applications for $20 million in federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) funding that is frequently applied to bicycle and pedestrian projects. Since 1991, Congress has set aside federal highway and bridge funds to TE projects that expand transportation choices or enhance the transportation experience.

Since Gov. Daniels took office, the state has dramatically expanded transportation facilities for bicycles and pedestrians. With his Major Moves program boosting infrastructure investment statewide, the mileage of new or rebuilt sidewalks installed each year has steadily doubled, for a cumulative total of 378 miles since 2005.

“As both gas prices and temperatures rise, it’s time for a healthy reminder that Indiana’s sidewalk and trail network is also expanding to serve a demand for non-motorized modes of transportation and recreation,” said INDOT Commissioner Michael B. Cline.

With the innovative Hoosiers on the Move trails plan, dedicated bicycle and pedestrian facilities have grown by more than 50 percent in the past four years.  More than $12 million in state and federal funds are invested each year in trails and multi-use paths, building roughly 215 miles since 2005.

INDOT directly awards federal highway and bridge funding for cities, towns and counties outside of urban areas larger than 50,000 in population.  Federal funds reimburse 80 percent of approved project development and construction costs, with the applicant providing a 20 percent required match.

In addition to the TE funds, INDOT has also posted the availability of $20 million for rural bridge projects and $20 million for Group III communities with populations between 5,000 and 50,000.  The funds are for construction contracts to be bid out starting in October 2013, allowing sufficient time for project design and development.  Applications and eligibility criteria are on the Web at http://www.in.gov/indot/div/projects/LPASection/.

Applications for Transportation Enhancement funds are due March 18, Group III funds on March 31 and Local Bridge funds on April 22. Applicants will present their projects before a selection committee at one of INDOT’s six regional districts before final selections are announced in June.

More information about state and federal pedestrian and bicycle initiatives is on the Web: