Cat promotes chief legal officer to senior VP

Caterpillar’s Board of Directors has appointed James B. Buda, currently vice president and chief legal officer, to the position of senior vice president.

In 2010, Caterpillar updated its corporate strategy and also took steps to streamline its corporate structure. At that time, Buda, who has served as Caterpillar’s vice president and general counsel since 2001, began reporting directly to Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman.

“Given the global breadth of responsibilities for the position and the reporting relationship with the chairman and CEO, it is appropriate to elevate this position,” Oberhelman said. “Jim’s [Buda] responsibilities include managing Caterpillar’s legal and compliance risk around the world, directing governmental affairs activities and serving as a key advisor to our senior executive leadership team and our Board of Directors,” Oberhelman added.

Buda became Caterpillar’s senior vice president effective as  of Feb. 9, 2011.