Lincoln introduces new portable AC welder/generator

Lincoln Electric introduced the new Bulldog 140 portable AC welder/ generator for light industrial and home applications.

The Bulldog 140 is designed for AC stick welding and provides up to 140 amps of AC welding output for arc welding projects with up to 1/8-inch stick electrodes. The unit’s single, full-range dial includes operating ranges for 3/32-inch and 1/8-inch electrodes.

The unit delivers up to 16.7 amps continuous power from a 240-volt AC receptacle and up to 33.3 amps continuous power from a 120-volt AC duplex receptacle. The generator has a 5,500-watt surge and 4,000-watt continuous power.

The Bulldog 140 comes with /-inch diameter tube framing for all-over protection and Low-Lift grab bars for easier lifting. The unit features a Subaru 10-horsepower EX30 OHC gasoline engine with one-pull starting, a cast iron cylinder liner for long engine life and automatic shutdown for low oil level. The unit’s tank has a 6.8-gallon capacity.

For more information on the Bulldog 140, visit Lincoln’s website.