A Sweet Way to Fix Roads

What do soda pop, candy and roads have in common? The first two help create potholes in your teeth, and now they’ll help fix potholes in the road. How?



No, your Snickers bar won’t be flattened to use instead of a hot mix or warm mix, but the cost of it will go up. Chicago has implemented its first round of taxes to pay for Illinois’ $31 billion public works program and that will now come from carbonated drinks, candy made without flour and alcohol. Money garnered from the new 10.25 percent tax will be used to pay for repairs to state, roads, schools and bridges.

Many states have already incorporated a “sin tax” on items such as cigarettes and alcohol. Now that sweet tooth of yours is going to cost you! But go ahead — eat that candy. Just tell yourself you’re doing it for the greater good. Every package of M&Ms you eat will make roads that much better. It’s s tough job, but someone has to do it.