Logistics group derides delay in highway bill

There seems to be some momentum back to getting a highway bill done soon…if not by the end of September, then certainly sooner than the 18 month delay proposed by the Obama administration.

The best news yet out of all this is that the Chamber of Commerce has gone on record as favoring a reasonable hike in the Federal Fuels Tax, something between 5 and 25 cents a gallon. Key quote:

“Transportation should be on top of the nation’s agenda–but it’s not,” says Janet F. Kavainoky, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s director of highway operations.

Obama and the new administration would do well by finding a issue like this that they can take on and solve relatively easily–show us they can actually govern something. They need to put some points on the board instead of throwing one after another Hail Mary passes and watching them get blown out of the sky with conservative anti-aircraft fire.