Titan V-18 lightens the load for high wear applications

Titan Trailers’ new V-18 aluminum V-floor unloading system from Keith Manufacturing lightens the load for high wear and impact applications.

The aluminum V-18 is a lighter version of the steel V-floor developed by Keith in 2003 and uses the same sub-deck as the earlier version. It is constructed with 18 aluminum slats and provides resistance to leaks and heat without floor seals that would be damaged by excessive wear.

The V-18 system offers more capacity for high-impact and abrasive loads. The aluminum system is intended for materials that may be too demanding on a standard slat but don’t require the ruggedness of a steel V-floor slat. When paired with a 48-foot Titan trailer, the payload capacity reaches up to 130 cubic yards.

The self-unloading system maintains secure footing for the trailer while it walks off the load with the Keith Walking Floor unloading system. The system uses a horizontal unloader with slats that run the length of the floor and are actuated by three hydraulic cylinders to “walk” the material out.

Titan will offer the V-18 trailers with a variety of slat profiles, including an Impact Series for high wear materials and impact applications. The V-18 live floors are being offered to fit trailers with an inside width of 98.5 inches.

Visit Titan’s website for more information on the aluminum V-18 system.