Greenpeace leader admits lies on global warming

Tell me it isn’t so. Turns out the Artic ice won’t all be gone by 2030 because of global warming and this Greenpeace leader admits saying so was a “mistake.”

The trouble with exaggerations like Greenpeace’s is that most of the national news media shouts them from the rooftop. Then the government takes bad information like this and tries to turn it into carbon taxes, cap and trade, new CAFE Standards and whole slew busybody, Chicken Little, we’re-from-the-government-and-we’re-here-to-save-you programs.  If the liberal community wants to use bluster, distortion and exaggeration to make its case, so be it, but science is based on facts and this admission of a “mistake” shows just how little science has gone into the hysteria over global warming.

Is manmade global warming a real threat? I don’t know, but I’ve suspected all along that we can’t trust pronouncements from the liberal environmental community, and if we can’t trust the people who say it is real, where does that leave us?