Topcon releases new G3 receiver firmware

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) released version 3.4 G3 receiver firmware, an upgrade to all Topcon GNSS receiver platforms. The new firmware allows customers more flexibility in using different makes and models of base stations with Topcon rover systems.

Each manufacturer uses different offsets, or biases, for the GLONASS satellites, creating problems for customers trying to use a GNSS network that doesn’t match the make of the rover. The version 3.4 firmware detects the make of the receiver and corrects the rover’s bias, converting measurements from the GLONASS satellites to GNSS solutions.

The new firmware supports MAC Network RTK messages and new RTCM messages.

For more information on the version 3.4 G3 receiver firmware, visit the TPS website. Downloads of the new firmware are free for Topcon customers through the support section of the website.