Bobcat introduces new heavy-duty grader attachments

Bobcat now offers two additional grader options for larger and more powerful loaders. New features include hydraulic side-shift for easier grading in tight areas or next to obstacles and an end-wing kit to use the grader like a box blade.

The new 96-inch and 108-inch graders are approved for use on Bobcat S300 and S330 skid-steer loaders; the Bobcat A300 all-wheel steer loader; and the T250, T300 and T320 compact track loaders.

The combination of a heavy-duty grader on an approved loader will move as much material as a small dozer. When used with the Bobcat laser-control system, grader attachments on loaders will grade material to within plus or minus 0.25 inch of the desired grade.

The graders have blades that move six different ways to grade any surface. Heavy-duty graders feature a hydraulic side shift, which moves the blade as much as 13 inches to the left or right.

A proportional hydraulic valve provides three speeds at which the moldboard is raised or lowered so operation is more closely matched to the speed of the loader. The longer the operator presses the button that controls the valve, the faster the moldboard moves. The operator can make small adjustments when performing fine grading or move the moldboard more quickly when making faster passes.

With the laser control system, the farther the blade is from grade, the more quickly it will move to grade. A high-speed moldboard raise-and-lower function is available on loaders with selectable joystick controls, to allow the operator to override the laser system and make quick adjustments if necessary.

The front bolster on the graders oscillates 12 degrees to the right or left to minimize the effect of uneven ground and how much and how quickly the blade needs to respond while grading.

A dirt shield has been mounted over the moldboard to keep material pushing forward and the cutting edge of the moldboard is reversible, allowing users to flip it over when the edge wears out.

A bolt-on end wing kit is available to turn the grader into a box blade.

For more information on heavy-duty graders, visit Bobcat’s attachment website.