MICO check valve assembly supplies fluid to two separate circuits

MICO’s check valve assembly for full-power brake systems reduces the number of system components by supplying fluid for two separate accumulator circuits at once.

The assembly is useful for full power hydraulic brake systems that must store energy in two separate accumulator units. It features a high flow capacity up to 11 gallons per minute and a maximum operating pressure of 3,625 psi.

The compact manifold assembly includes a check valve and an inverted shuttle valve. The inverted shuttle valve isolates the higher pressure of the two circuits and directs the lower pressure to the switch port. A check valve prevents pressure at the switch port from leaking back into the inlet port.

By combining multiple components into a single housing, the check valve assembly reduces the number of potential leak points. The assembly’s design limits check valve leakage to a maximum of .25 cubic centimeters per minute at 3,500 psi.

The check valve assembly can be used in split systems with a pressure-compensated pump and electrohydraulic accumulator charging controlled by a pressure transducer at the unit’s switch port.

For more information on the check valve assembly, visit the new product section of MICO’s website.