New Trimble GPS receiver capabilities allow greater efficiency

Trimble’s new version 4.0 firmware for its SPS series GPS receivers provides faster initialization and improved receiver performance that allows contractors to have better signal tracking and greater efficiency.

The enhanced Real Time Kinematic (RTK) engine provides better performance in areas with limited satellite reception, such as sites with tall buildings, high walls or large trees. The new RTK engine allows the GPS receiver to continue working at a lower level of accuracy if the signal is interrupted.

The new engine also allows rapid initialization and improved accuracy for Site Positioning Systems (SPS) receivers at jobsites that are located at a greater distance from the base. This allows contractors to meet the requirements for initial site operation.

The Trimble 4.0 receiver firmware uses a new proprietary protocol, CMRx, which allows contractors to track more satellite signals using the SPS.

A new feature in the 4.0 version allows users to operate and manage their GPS receivers through the new Trimble Connected Community. This creates an instant dashboard displaying the status of all connected receivers in an organization and provides access to the full receiver Web User Interface for remote set-up and configuration.

Managing a GPS receiver through the Trimble Connected Community allows site managers and project supervisors to work more efficiently by remotely accessing receivers from wherever they are.

Trimble GPS receiver firmware version 4.0 is available for the Trimble SPS series GPS receivers through Trimble’s Highway Construction distribution channel.