Solar demo home a bust

Talk about a recipe for disaster. It’s a:

1. All solar home, no gas or electrical hook ups.

2. Built for a city government by students.

3. In one of the coldest and least sunny climates in the U.S.– Troy, Michigan.

4. Looks like an alien contraption designed to impail birds in flight.

5. Cost $900,000 for 800 square feet.

And somebody accidently turned off a breaker. The pipes froze and burst and nobody knows when it will open again. This only confirms what I’ve thought about solar for a long time.  It may be feasible to generate electricity from solar panels, but solar heating and all the plumbing and electronics that go into it are far too complex to work in the real world. Pity that didn’t stop the government from spending almost a million bucks for it, though.