Product Report

With the 92ZV-2, Kawasaki has not only entered the 6-to-6.6-cubic-yard wheel loader market, it’s done so with company design dictum: no stretched-out machines. “This is a purpose-built machine, with a rugged frame that incorporates several upgrades that will be added to the rest of our loader line,” says Gary Bell, Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corporation of America vice president and general manager.

Several standard features are centered in the cab area, including an air ride seat, AM/FM radio and CD, air conditioning and heat, adjustable declutch, adjustable dual boom kickout control, idle management system and dual mode engine switch. Other standard features include reversible automatic fan with manual overdrive, wide front fenders with mud flaps, and the Kawasaki-exclusive auto brake, which protects the transmission from overspeeding or improper directional shifting.

Bell points out several features designed to underline the 92ZV-2’s beefiness:
· Size-class exclusive Dual Z-linkage, which not only offers high breakout force, but also gives operators more visibility in hopper and truck loading tasks.
· Heavy center pins.
· Weight designed into the full box section frame – which Kawasaki says gives excellent balance – instead of using large back counterweights.
· Rubber gasket-sealed front glass, which reduces glass replacement downtime in comparison with silicone-sealed glass.
· Bumpers extended to protect battery boxes.

Kawasaki is aiming at several markets with the 92ZV-2, including load-out applications in quarries or sand-and-gravel operations, hopper feeding in asphalt plants, log handling in mill yards and hot slag applications in steel mills. For further information, go to