ROC F9C SmartRig offers automated productivity

Lay out shot patterns on a computer with Atlas Copco’s ROC R9C SmartRig, which features GPS-guided, automated drilling for higher accuracy and speed. The SmartRig also keeps documentation of its performance for better planning and accountability for future jobsites.

The SmartRig adjusts impact power and feed pressure to rock conditions for smoother drilling and reduced stress on the drill steel.

Pre-plan the shot by entering the hole spacing, burden, depth and blast angle on a personal computer program that comes with the rig, then load a memory card into the ROC F9C, where the plans are followed precisely. Hole deviation is typically less than 2 inches, regardless of weather conditions. Computer placement eliminates the need to manually site the drill, or even mark holes on the ground. The ROC F9C drills holes between 31/2 to 5 inches in diameter and up to 98 feet deep.