Making mistakes with a trillion dollars in stimulus money

Fantastic! Our president commits nearly a trillion dollars to improve the economy, and now the paperwork for the projects to be done with this money is being screwed up.

Mistakes happen. I sure make plenty. But when you’re dealing with this number of zeroes at the end of a dollar amount, I’d think you would be guarded with every aspect of managing it.

But according to report in Government Executive magazine, 11 contracts so far issued using stimulus funds have been marred by paperworks errors and others allegedly have gone through without any competitive bids.

In an e-mail to Government Executive, Biden’s spokeswoman, press secretary Elizabeth Alexander, said acknowledged that several of these early stimulus contracts may have included errors, according to the report.

Here’s what the e-mail said as it was reported in Government Executive:

While these examples appear to be isolated — and Recovery Act funds generally appear to be moving into the economy with speed and success — we take any questions about misspent funds seriously,” Alexander said. “The Vice President’s Office has asked [stimulus watchdog] Mr. [Earl] Devaney for an immediate review and a prompt report back. If these contracts do not meet standards for transparency and cost effectiveness, we will seek appropriate action. The American people have a right to see their tax dollars well spent, and if they are not, we will do everything we can to rectify it.”

Amen to that. Nearly a trillion dollars better as heck be well spent!