Product Focus – March 2009

Haul up to 53 yards in a single pan with K-Tec’s 1453 pull-behind scraper, which works in all soil conditions except sand.
· Designed for push loading, offers top loading option
· Load Tec system distributes load weight to reduce stress on tractor and hitch
· Boltable unit has only two grease points.

Up to speed
Miskin’s 19-yard capacity Model D19 scraper has Cushion-Ride suspension that enables faster travel speeds and protects the scraper in rough terrain.
· 12-foot width for easy transport
· Optional disc brakes allow work on steep grades
· Features include oil-filled hubs, easy-access grease banks and replaceable bushings.

Tackle tough materials
Work in marginally wet or clay soils, sandy loams or dry topsoil with Ashland’s CS18-HD 18-cubic-yard capacity carry-all scraper.
· Lift cylinders are mounted higher to keep dirt and rocks out
· Tires are set away from the bowl, preventing plugging or skidding
· Elevated front pipe allows 22-inch clearance between front section and the ground.

Precise performance
Icon Industries’ Model 821 scraper features 21 cubic yards of capacity with a transport width of less than 12 feet.
· Standard features include a 360-degree cast quick attach hitch, industrial cylinders and 4,000-psi hydraulic hoses
· Operator Reference Control Gauge provides precise height and depth control
· Synchro-sequencing valve hydraulically operates gate and wall.

Choose your width
Designed for use with 35- to 50-horsepower compact and utility-size tractors, Hoelscher’s DB Series towable dirt scraper carries up to 13/4 cubic yards of material.
· Available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot cutting widths
· Hitch enables 90-degree turns and 30-degree oscillation
· Bowl is dumped hydraulically, using one circuit from the tractor.

Adjustable angles
Caterpillar’s line of towed scrapers range from 18.8- to 23.5-cubic yard capacities and are available in two-wheel or four-wheel configurations.
· Scraper bowl has cellular construction for strength and dent resistance
· Four-wheel models use parallel-linkage design, enabling adjustable cutting edge angle
· Designed for use with Caterpillar track-type tractors or Challenger tractors.

Maintain consistent loads
Choose from ejector or carry-all models with John Deere’s line of pull-type scrapers, which has cut widths ranging from 10 to 14.5 feet.
· 10 models with heaped capacities from 15 to 21 cubic yards
· AutoLoad option automates scraper’s hydraulic lift function by varying blade height
· Maintains consistent loads and cut profiles.

Lots of options
Double D’s Grade King leveling scrapers can tow a variety of attachments such as compacting or smooth drum rollers, and work with tractors up to 535 horsepower.
· Available in 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-foot widths
· 7/8-inch-thick rolled steel plate moldboard
· Options include hydraulically controlled scarifier, laser mast and aggression bar.