Some Chicago road repairs expedites for Olympic officials visit

It looks like some roads in Chicago are going to don their best black outfit — brand, spankin’ new asphalt.

In an effort to impress the International Olympic Committee and show that Chicago is suitable for the 2016 Olympic Games, repair of some of the city’s roads has been expedited. That’s good news for Chicago.

However, some of the roads being repaired are those less traveled but near where Chicago Mayor Richard Daley wants to build an Olympic stadium, according to a report in today’s Chicago Tribune.

According to thre report, one Chicago Department of Transportation worker onsite at the paving in Chicago’s Washington Parkcalled the repairs “the Olympic plan.”

But commuters driving on main thoroughfare roads are still dodging potholes, according to the report.

I’m glad to see any improvements being made to the crumbling infrastructure system, particulary anywhere in Chicago and its surrounding area since I live there.

But we still need a national plan — a real plan , not a Band-Aid plan — to not only fix and maintain but to build new roads needed. One can dream, can’t they?