UDOT meets federal stimulus obligation deadline 15 weeks ahead of schedule

SALT LAKE CITY– Sixty-four percent of UDOT’s 56 federally-funded
highway stimulus projects, equaling $96.5 million of the $149.5 million
allocated to Utah, have been obligated in just two weeks. 

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), signed by President
Barack Obama on Feb. 17, requires all states to have at least 50 percent
of their federal stimulus funds obligated within 120 days of March 3
(when funding became available) and all stimulus projects obligated
within one year. ARRA also requires all projects to be completed within
three years.

The remaining projects will be obligated by the end of May, making UDOT
one of the first in the country to have 100 percent of its projects
ready to be advertised to the contractor community.

Source: Utah Department of Transportation