TyRex auto-feed washer fastener speeds installation

TyRex’s system for auto-feed fastening of washers to steel studs where screws are required incorporates a nosepiece that attaches to an existing Tyrex auto-feed Screwgun, allowing the user to set a washer into the nosepiece while subsequently driving a collated screw through the washer and into the substrate.

Useful for installing wire lath and commercial building wrap, the system eliminates the need to hand collate bulk washers with bulk screws prior to installation.

Tyrex has added both galvanized steel and plastic washers to their fastener line. The WM125A is a 1 /-inch galvanized steel washer which is used in plaster, PM, Stucco, One Coat and Hard Coat. For applications such as commercial building wrap, EIFS installation, PB, PM and Stucco, TyRex offers the WP175A 1 3/4-inch plastic washer. Both washers fit with a variety of TyRex screws.