Average national diesel prices fall under $3 a gallon

According to the Department of Energy the national average price for diesel fuel has fallen 14.4 cents to $2.94 a gallon for the first time since September 2007 – nearly $1.82 less than the record high of $4.76 only a few months ago.
Gasoline averages have also dropped just over 17 cents lowering the average cost of a gallon to $2.22, the lowest price since February 2007. Gas prices are now $1.90 lower than the $4.11 record set in July and nearly 89 cents lower than prices a year ago.
At $62.41 per barrel, crude oil, the driving force behind pricing both fuels, is more than $80 lower per barrel than the New York Mercantile Exchange record high of $145.18 set in mid-July.