Deere to sell military Gator to public

John Deere will add the M-Gator A1 to their family of utility vehicles this November. The vehicle is equipped with an 854cc, 20.8-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine with dual radiators and a 1,650-pound payload capacity. Standard features include a keyless ignition, front-mount tubular steel rack with carrying capacity of 250 pounds, heavy-duty cargo tie-downs, dual batteries and a bumper with an integral brush guard. Other standard features include a fire extinguisher, pintle hitch, two-post foldable OPS, retractable seatbelts and rifle mount system. Launched in June 2007 to replace the M-Gator, the M-Gator A1 extended Deere’s customer base to include police and fire departments around the world, first responders, and search and rescue workers.

“The M-Gator has been very well received in the military and emergency personnel communities,” says Cleo Franklin, strategic marketing manager, Governmental and National Sales. “This overall response has provided John Deere the opportunity to provide an inspirational unit to an audience who demands greatness.”

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