Cat’s gains four-model pull-type scraper line up in purchase of E-Ject Systems

Caterpillar has bought E-Ject Systems, Elkader, Iowa, giving it an entrée into the pull-type scraper market. E-Ject’s 40,000-square-foot facility will be known as Caterpillar Elkader. The plant also makes E-Ject Wagons, construction discs and a towed sheeps-foot roller.

The purchase represents the second time Caterpillar has bought a product from contractor JP Moyna & Sons, which also developed an articulated truck ejector body that Cat bought in 1998.

The former E-Ject pull-type scrapers will start carrying the Cat brand in October. They include four 18- and 22-yard models in two-wheel and four-wheel, walking-beam suspension models.

The E-17XW and E-22XW four-wheel scrapers each have a parallel linkage that enables the cutting edge angle to be adjusted for loading. The four-wheel scrapers also feature a walking beam suspension for better ride in the cut and on the haul road. The suspension system also reduces side-to-side sway and makes finish grading easier.

According to Jay Alexander, commercial manager with Caterpillar, the pull-type scrapers can be used either with D8 track-type tractor or a Challenger tractor. “We have a match now for all hauling applications,” he says.