Increase payload with Ashland’s Ground Hog 2500

Perform small site preparation with Ashland‘s new Ground Hog 2500 scraper attachment. The Ground Hog 2500 moves three to four times the payload of traditional buckets, according to the company. The attachment has a 2.5 cubic-yard-heaped-capacity and offers the performance of a small self-propelled tracked earthmover with the maneuverability of a skid steer. Designed for use with 70-plus-horsepower compact track loaders or skid steers with steel tracks, the Ground Hog 2500 is mounted to the universal quick attach plate of its power unit.

The Ground Hog is engineered to use its power unit for traction and hydraulics only, as its oscillating front beam and large caster shoulders the larger portion of the weight, while minimizing any stress to the loader arms.