Transport materials and workers with Beta Max hoist

Transport workers and materials from floor to floor with the same functionality of an elevator with Beta Max‘s Max Climber 2000PMB rack and pinion hoist. Designed for demolition projects requiring an alternate solution when an internal building elevator is no longer operational, the Max Climber features a compact size for confined spaces.

The hoist comes equipped with an enclosed passenger cabin that offers interlock switches to detect when it is safe to enter and exit and a floor stop mechanism that allows the cabin to travel to any pre-set floor and stop automatically. Standard features include an installation platform for installing and anchoring the mast, screw jacks for easy and fast leveling of the base unit, an adjustable open basket option for material transport and a 110-volt service outlet provided on board.

The hoist can travel up to 400 feet and can accommodate a maximum payload of 2,000 pounds (or seven passengers) and has an 81-inch by 45-inch cabin size.