‘Big Brother’ proves big help in Olympic arch construction

With every important moment of the Olympic Games now captured on camera and sent to viewers all over the world, it seems almost logical that construction of the arch at the Olympic Village in Torino, Italy, required similar attention.

Video of the arch being created wasn’t broadcast to millions of viewers, however — just to the construction company in charge of the operation.

It was necessary for the construction company to closely monitor and record every stage of construction because of the arch’s size and design, said Jennifer Gill, who handles public relations for Axis Communications, the company that provided the cameras. Workers were carefully monitored to help prevent accidents, and quality control was enforced during the loading, docking, welding and raising phases.

Supervisors used Internet Protocol-based surveillance cameras to observe what was happening at the jobsite. The Axis cameras, which offered multiple view angles and the ability to zoom in on distant objects, were placed on a tower close to the site.