Light tower withstands gusts of up to 65 mph

Allmand‘s reconstructed Maxi-Lite packages offer 360-degree light output, four-point outrigger systems for stable operation in gusts up to 65 mph and removable 50-gallon polyethylene fuel tanks for up to 100 hours of continuous operation. The standard ML 6 and ML 8 models use 6- and 8-kilowatt generators, respectively, and each size comes in a customized package. Users can choose from the Maxi-Lite Artic Special, the Maxi-Lite Canadian Standards Association Approved or the Maxi-Lite Hydraulic. Each 30-foot galvanized steel tower has three telescoping sections, 10-gauge side panels and a 12-gauge hood for strength. A low oil pressure and high temperature automatic shutoff protects the engine from damage.